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I am a creative artist from the Netherlands, where I work as a teacher of the English language.
Currently, I do all my design work as a freelancer, and I am working on my first full fledged manuscript.

As you can see, my head is full of ideas which I love turning into visual products like videos, websites, stories, and other digital art.

Please check out my portfolio.

A fun video created as a look into the activities at a summer camp.
The images and videos used to create this came from several different sources, which meant I had to keep different sizes, frame rates and qualities in mind. 

*created for non-profit organisation*

This scene was storyboarded, filmed, recorded, edited and presented by myself and four other members of my team.

For an assignment to pass our Video Production class at the University of Worcester, we had to re-imagine a scene from an existing movie. We chose to recreate the interrogation scene from the Lego Movie.

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